New Field Layout and Flying Boundaries

Besides the smoke invading our airspace it looks like a decent long weekend for flying with winds this morning from the South East at 10 km/h.  The runway was groomed yesterday, thanks Rick & Bill for the helping hand.  If you are flying at the field this long weekend you will notice that we have cut in new minimum Pilot Station locations located at 10 meters from the flight-line at both ends of the runway for A.M and P.M flying positions.

In an effort to clearly define the no flying areas of the park, we have cut a hard NO-FLY zone line running North to South from the path to the backstop parallel with the School.  This line is forty (40) meters from the School and playing structures.  You must never fly into or cross that line at any time.  Also note that the field layout is being reconfigured by the Club Executive with a forty (40) meter NO FLY boundary around the entire park.  When you visit the field next, please take a moment to observe the hard line distance and understand that that is how far you must stay away from the outer edges of the park when you are flying.  Flying out of bounds will result in an immediate thirty (30) day suspension of your flying privileges with the club