Richmond RC Flyers Club Welcomes St. George’s School

The 2017 flying season is off to an early start at the Manoah Steve’s field.  The young flyers from St. George’s were our guests on a cool but calm Sunday morning February 26, 2017.

Students from St. George’s School fabricated some very interesting aircraft

Conditions were perfect on that day for flying, even the geese stayed away!  The students from St. George’s spent some long hours over the winter constructing some well designed flying models.  It such a great thing when all the hard work pays off with a successful flight.

Although the field is still a little soft from the snowy days recently, the group was able to enjoy a fine day of flying.  The field is open for flying electric airplanes and helicopters to RRCFC members during the weekends and after 5:00 P.M. on school days.

On the flight deck, ready for flight testing!