Improved Signage and Field Cones

The City is in the process of creating new improved signage including sandwich board sign for the pathway.  Until that is produced and up, they have asked us to use City of Richmond cones to define the FLYING boundary and active flight line on the East side of the field which is mostly for the public but also aids our pilots to stay west of the boundaries particularly when flying from the West P.M. pilot stations.  The Club Executive has committed to the City that we will comply.  The City is working on a storage shed / box facility for us to store the cones and portable signs.  We understand this is not that convenient for members to have to pull out some cones and put them back after and hope this does not pose much of a problem.  It is important now more than ever for our collective membership to help support our club operating at the park, and everyone’s continued cooperation is very much appreciated.