Code of Conduct


A) As a club that shares field usage with the general public, any member found in violation of flying in an unsafe manner or in out-of-bounds areas can immediately be suspended from using these facilities for a period of up to thirty (30) days. Members found in subsequent violation can be terminated from active membership of the club permanently. All club members must adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.

B) Agreements have been made between the City and our club in regard to the times we are allotted to the use the field. See the Code of Conduct for allocated flying times. Activities scheduled by Richmond Parks take precedence over all other.

C) In the event of confrontation, take the avenue of least resistance. Remember this is a park and a public place. All members must use common sense when flying their airplanes, especially where public safety is of concern.

Manoah Flyers Airfield Code of Conduct

The Manoah Steves Park is approved for model aircraft use by members and guests of the Richmond RC Flyers Club by the City of Richmond and School District 38.

1. Only electric battery powered model aircraft as defined by Transport Canada are permitted. Pilots must ensure visual line of sight is maintained at all times.

2. All model aircraft operators shall be able to prove membership to the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC).

3. Model aircraft shall only be operated in accordance with the MAAC safety code.

4. Model aircraft shall only be flown during rented field times and are permitted on weekends, holidays, during school vacation and after 5PM on school days.

5. Model aircraft shall only be flown when no organized sporting events or organized public functions are in progress.

6. No aircraft operator shall operate a model aircraft in a careless, reckless or otherwise dangerous manner that may pose a hazard to persons or property.

7. No aircraft operator shall operate a model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or judgement impairing drugs.

8. No aircraft operator shall fly a model aircraft in a manner that may be hazardous to full scale aircraft.

9. A maximum of three aircraft are permitted in the air at one time.

10. Model aircraft must weigh less than two (2) kilograms and maximum model airspeed must be less than forty three (43) knots.

For more information on the Richmond RC Flyers Club and upcoming events and programs please contact:

For more information on model aircraft regulations please visit or contact the City of Richmond at or at 604-244-1208.