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Beautiful January Day for Flying at Manoah Field

Bill did a great job repairing his Mustang after an unfortunate hard landing a few weeks back.  You can hardly tell the difference,

It turned out to be a great morning to come to the field at Manoah to get in some RC flying.  Winds were calm and field conditions were pretty darn good considering that there were some soggy days in the past weeks around here.

Our normal hanger has been put under repair due to a vandalism fire that occurred back in December.

Brent brought out his scratch built Grumman Goose after performing a few repairs .

Here is some nice footage of Brent performing some test pilot flight manoeuvres.

The initial setup on the plane had way too much up elevator, it was sure great to have Jack standing by close to help trim back the elevator to a flyable state.  After a few clevis adjustments we finally got her flying real fine.  It is going to be a great 3D aerobatic flyer!  Can’t wait to give it a try in the dark.