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Jack gives Glenn a helping hand with the Night VisionAire maiden.

It was a very nice calm Saturday morning, a little cool, foggy and damp but hardly any wind, ENE at 6 Km.  We had a small group show up at the field at 8 AM flying the Apprentice 15E, the Trojan T-38, Corsair F4U S and Jack also brought out his Edge 3D Sport Flyer.

It seemed to be a great day for a maiden flight of the brand new E-flite Night VisionAire.

The initial setup on the plane had way too much up elevator, it was sure great to have Jack standing by close to help trim back the elevator to a flyable state.  After a few clevis adjustments we finally got her flying real fine.  It is going to be a great 3D aerobatic flyer!  Can’t wait to give it a try in the dark.